Thursday, December 16, 2010

2000 Decembers Ago

I’m about to go on vacation from work. The reason: to celebrate Jesus!

The ONLY real reason for Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God with us. For many people, as time has passed, different traditions have lost their original purpose. 
People think of the holiday season more as a time to celebrate family, friends, peace, love. Time for parties, food, fun... but Christmas isn’t Christmas without Christ. 
Let’s face it. We wouldn’t have Christmas at all if it weren’t for the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior King! We owe it all to him, even our Christmas vacation time! 
The story of His birth is so spectacular, so original. It has so many underlying plots, so many twists and turns. So much unexpected, so much wonder, that it could only be crafted by a Master Craftsman. The absolute best of the best. God Himself?
Jesus’ birth fulfills century-old prophesies. It prepares the way for redemption, salvation for the whole world (Jew and Gentile alike) through the sacrifice of a truly spotless lamb. It introduces the world to its true King and Creator... and yet he was born in a feeding manger.
Oh, how I long to hear the angels' song. How glorious and perfect it must have been; the song prepared to announce the birth of God’s only Son! And to hold him in my arms, like Anna did in the temple.
To see the Savior, in all of His humanly humility. Who, to become our sin and to save us from a bitter end, gave up His own self and wrapped himself in human flesh. He breathed the very air we breathe. 
That’s what I celebrate. That’s why I celebrate!  How can you know all that and NOT celebrate?
Unto us was given the most amazing gift, free for the taking: eternal life. 
When you accept that gift from God, then there’s something to celebrate, a reason for the season.
Don’t leave Jesus out of Christmas. Without Him, it wouldn’t be!

Did it feel like a night any different 
Then at least a million before 
Was there any rare expectation 
Like there was some kind of somethin' in store 
Did the sky have to hold back the thunder 
Did the moon find new reasons to glow 
Could the children somehow sense the wonder 
2000 Decembers Ago 
Were the sheep as amazed as the shepherds 
At the new star that lite up the sky 
Did the willow trees whisper excitement 
To the rivers and streams passing by 
Did the joy ricochet off the mountains 
'Til it filled up the valleys below 
Did all the world sense love abounding 
2000 Decembers Ago 
Was anyone able to look at the stable 
And not see a child but a King 
I wish I could hear back over the years 
As heaven & nature sing, heaven and nature sing. 
Did the walls of the barn start to tremble 
With a glory they could not contain 
Did anyone wake with the feeling 
Of peace that they could not explain 
Oh the love must have been overwhelming 
As it warmed everyone in its flow 
For all of the earth is still telling 
Of 2000 Decembers ago 
Was anyone able to look at the stable 
And not see a child but a king 
I wish I could hear back over the years 
As heaven and nature sing, heaven and nature sing 
Oh the love must have been overwhelming 
2000 Decembers Ago

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