Sunday, December 12, 2010

Is Thinking Useless?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. 
(Now’s when almost half of you say “uh-oh” and almost another half sarcastically laugh, “seriously, you, think?”, leaving just a smidgen of people who thought absolutely nothing but, “she’s been thinking a lot lately”.) 

Do you ever wonder why you do things that you do? I do. Not all the time, but a lot lately.
Things like, 

Why did I buy that? 
Why did I say that? 
Did I need to go there? 
Should I have done this? 
Should I stay? 
Should I move on? 
Why did I stop? 
Why didn’t I do that the first time?
Everything has a consequence, whether good or bad, and sometimes I look at the consequences of my actions and ask myself, “In the end, was that really the best thing? Was it worth it?”
I love it when I can adamantly shout “YES, THAT WAS SO, TOTALLY WORTH IT”. But sometimes I wonder. Can I do it better in the future? If that situation arises again, do I want to respond the same way, differently, at all?
Since every decision has a lasting impact on our lives (and often those around us) I want to be so careful when I make choices. I want to do what glorifies God the most. I really, truly do. 
Today my daddy read some scripture to our family, and it made me smile. I was reminded that I can think through everything a trillion times, but
 Unless the LORD builds the house,
   the builders labor in vain.
Unless the LORD watches over the city,
   the guards stand watch in vain
. (Psalm 127)
Unless GOD, my thinking is useelessss.
I can question and ponder and debate away, but if God is not in it, it’s nothing. End. Of. Story.
So, instead of puttering around with a spinning head, I’m gonna do my best to continually set my sight on God, and let Him build my life, so that it’s not in vain.
Will you join me?

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  1. I will join you...
    And I really would like to mention that I liked the part of you thinking a lot lately. But I guess you missed the geek people like me who wondered: "What have she been thinking about?" :D