Thursday, April 21, 2011

Face in the Book

I keep finding reasons to not spend quality time in the Bible- I’ll pray instead, or read a good philosophical, devotional or inspirational book, or talk with a friend about what God’s been doing in my life. 
All these are GREAT things to do, buuuuut they should NOT keep me away from the Word. The Word of God is ALIVE and ACTIVE and it SAVES and CHANGES (as I’ve made note of in the past). The devil will do ANYTHING to keep believers out of it. Which is why I’ve got to do EVERYTHING I can to stay in it. It is POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE. He knows that, and hates it.

They say that even good things can be used to render a believer ineffective. I’m sure Satan’s perfectly content with “christians” serving in soup kitchens, rebuilding schools, gathering as a fellowship (church), until they start doing it in the Name of Jesus. Until they apply and share what they are learning in the Scripture to further the message of the gospel of Christ. 
Let’s not let the devil be content with what we’re doing. That'd be disgusting.
I, for one need to keep my face in that book. I don’t want to be rendered useless in my service to God. I want to be full of truth. Inspired into proper action by the living Word. 
So. I’ve decided. just now. like right, right now, like, even-after-i-started-writing-this-post kind of right now, That EVERY time I go to Facebook, when I see the words “face” and “book” I'll ask myself: Have I put my FACE in the BOOK yet today? and if not, I’ll reorganize a bit and pull my Bible off the shelf. Facebook's my new accountability partner :D
Maybe you’ll notice something in your daily agenda, that can serve as an accountability partner to keep you in the Word too. 
I think we’ll begin to find, that as far as the Kingdom is concerned, it’s well worth our time to keep our faces in the Book!

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