Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"See Me?"

The Texas Sky...
...goes on forever... just like God's love.

As I’ve been going through the everyday happenings of life, God.
No, I didn’t forget to finish the sentence. 
As I’ve been going through the everyday happenings of life: GOD!
He has absolutely blown me away with His awe-inspiring, overwhelmingness!
I’m absolutely enamored with this Almighty God, who came to earth and saved my scrawny neck from hell’s grasp.  That’s enough to keep me worshiping at His feet for the whole of eternity, but He hasn’t stopped there!
He continues to lavish His great love on me. 
Even through a simple hug, letter, message or smile I can feel God’s love whispering, “see Me?” 
Today I saw him in the bright Texas sky. It goes on forever. There are no mountains to hold back it’s glory. Bright blue sky, as far as you can see, embellished with gloriously fluffy clouds. 
The reason I “saw” Him in the sky today, was because it was the first day I’ve been able to really look at the bright sky since my migraine began last week. It was as if I had never seen the sky before. 
Through the “raindrops” of my migraine, I saw the rainbow of His creativity. I was enraptured by His beautiful miraculous creation of the Texas sky, that just goes on for-seemingly-ever. I smiled. Actually, it was more like an idiotic grin. 
He blessed me all the way down to my toes... with the sky! How many more great things does He have in store for those He loves? I can only imagine.

Little bits of sunshine turn raindrops into rainbows.
Little smiles from God change my world forever.

Being loved by God is ... indescribable!
My insufficient vocabulary prevents me from completing that sentence properly. But you know that feeling. You know exactly what I’m talking about. 
If not, ask me how to find it!

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