Saturday, October 23, 2010

Special Somethings.


true story.

If it weren't so selfish to think that God made some things specifically for me, I'd say He definitely made the moon, the Psalms and llamas with me in mind.

They are what make exceedingly great joy and happiness completely bubble over inside of me, spontaneously... for no apparent reason.
I don't even understand it. But I'm glad for it. =)

I like to think of these moments as

a smile from God. 

Just a little something special between Him and me, to let me know He cares. Not because He has to, but because He wants to.
Of course, there isn't really any theology that I know of to back this up, but it's just one of those things in life where you think, "He didn't HAVE to do that, but He did anyway" =) and that just makes me bubble over with joy!

What special somethings does God smile on you with? think about it. He loves ya!

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